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Nude Party Games

I admit that I didn’t care much for college, but I did love the parties. Being bisexual, I enjoyed pretty much every aspect of the party life, especially all the drunk people flashing their tits or dicks!

Where I went, parties were pretty common. Someone was throwing a party just about every Friday or Saturday night, and it wasn’t unheard of to see a mid-week party either.

Some of these parties were called “Naughty Parties” or something similar; I don’t remember exactly what it was called, but I do remember it was fun and exciting. All attendees at these parties were required to participate in some of the many mini-games that involved people getting naked. These games included a variant of Asshole that incorporated a Truth or Dare element to it, which usually involved a lot of people getting naked, as well as your basic variety of stripping games (Poker, Twister, Monopoly), and several other games I’ve not seen anywhere else.

I have a copy of some of the photos taken during some of these parties and will be posting them along with other photos I’ve picked up across the internet. I will also be posting stories about some of these parties, and maybe posting game rules to some of the games I’ve learned along the way.

I’m always look for more photos/videos/stories and new games my friends and I can learn, so feel free to submit what you have…

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